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Life in lockdown and why I have been a little quiet lately.

We all had to find our feet during our new way of lives during Covid, some of us adapted easily, others haven't adapted at all. We've all had our own journeys to make and some of us are still making them. In the beginning I made many at home concert videos taking your song requests and uploading them every day to my social media platforms. I soon realised as the lockdown went on and on, this was not going to be something I could keep up with!

I started to think, hold on, what would I like to achieve during this time that perhaps I wouldn't normally have the time to do. So back in April, I made a list of just a few things that I wanted to achieve....

  1. Release my very first single

  2. Decorate our home

  3. Update my website

I am super excited to say that number 1 is in progress and my very first single will be available for general release soon! My house has been decorated and to those of you that have been following my lockdown live concerts from home, you'll either be pleased or sad to know that the "pink wall" has gone!

I first moved into my home 10 years ago and made the decision that I wasn't ready for a grown ups house decorated in sensible colours, so I had a pink feature wall. 10 years later and now married the pink wall had to go!

Number 3, well here it is. My brand new updated website, I hope you enjoy taking a look around!

In between all these things happening I have also been working with the Round Table Childrens Wish Charity, an incredible charity granting handcrafted wishes to children suffering with life threatening and terminal illnesses across Great Britain.

Another project I was involved with was with the Classical Crossover Magazine, A wonderful platform for artists like myself and it has been a thrill to join forces with them over the last few months.

I've been very busy with my Classical Crossover Trio "The Bel Canto Sopranos" and we are thrilled to be working on our next set of songs to pop online for you all to enjoy!

So as you can see, things have been very busy! But I cant wait to get back to taking your song requests and performing for you all.

I miss you all, I can't wait to be back out there doing what I do best (no, not having afternoon tea) well that as well :) but singing in front of a live audience, whenever that may be.

See you soon

Gemma x

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