Six Steps to Choosing Wedding Music

August 8, 2017

Six Steps to Choosing Wedding Music


Choosing wedding music isn’t rocket science. But you shouldn’t take it lightly either, as your wedding music can be the deal breaker when it comes to throwing an enjoyable party. How can you ensure you won’t spend an eternity choosing your wedding music while ensuring you get just the right act to lighten up the mood? If you follow these six steps, you are bound to succeed with your wedding music!


Step #1: Set up your budget


Every good wedding plan starts with a budget. Having a budget will not only make your selection easier – you know your limits – but also forces you to think what wedding music means to you. Are you willing to prioritise music or do you just want something in the background? When setting up the budget, it’s a good idea to first think what you want from the music. You can then check with friends and family, as well as browse band and act profiles online, to get an idea what your dream performers charge.


Step #2: Think outside of the box


Remember your wedding music doesn’t have to be a pick between live and recorded music. You also choose something other than having a band and booking a DJ – wedding performers come in all shapes and sizes. You could have the music just as part of the dance floor activities, include music as an ambience creator or use the acts as wholesome entertainers. Acts like singing waiters can make music part of the reception and give your guests a unique experience.





Step #3: Compile a list of candidates


When choosing wedding music, it’s a good idea to gather a list of possible options. You can ask for suggestions from friends and family, the manager of your wedding venue and browse online platforms such as Freak Music – online sites are especially good when it comes to finding unconventional acts.


Include a short list of pros and cons for each band. If you can, contact each and check for quotes and availability. This ensures you don’t waste time considering an act that’s out of your budget or not available on your big day.


Step #4: Check the band’s live performance


You should never book a wedding performer without having an idea what they are like and, more importantly, what the act sounds like. Meeting face-to-face or having a Skype conversation will help you see how well your ideas about the perfect wedding music match. A live performance will guarantee you know what you’re signing up for. If you can’t see the act perform live, you at least want to see a clip or listen to an audio recording. If your feelings of the act and the performance are lukewarm at best, it might be a sign to keep looking.


Step #5: Talk about your specific preferences


When choosing your wedding music, it’s important to go through the minor details with the performer before signing a contract. Among other things, you want to know the set list and whether you are able to make requests to it or not. You also want to discuss things such as performance outfits, breaks the group might have and whether they are able to stay for extra time or not.


Step #6: Finalise the deal


Just like with all wedding suppliers, your entertainment also has to provide you with a proper contract. Make sure the contract for wedding music includes any details you discussed during the previous step, as well as detailed information about the fees. You want the contract to have information regarding cancellation policies and additional charges.


Choosing wedding music is going to be a breeze with these six steps. Now it’s just a matter of enjoying your big day in style – and with good entertainment!







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