Two Sopranos and One Unbreakable Friendship

August 13, 2018

Can two very talented girls so alike in their personalities and with such similar voices work together? We have heard the stories about the rivalry of women working together and what can hit the fan.

Both competitive, both aiming to be the best they can be and both finding themselves slap bang in exactly the same category’s when it comes to singing, do they fight each other to be better than the other? Or do they support each other and bring out the best of each other?




Both girls in their earlier careers took part in singing competitions, Gemma won the Coca Cola talent star search final after competing in several heats, the final being held in Norwich. Her winnings £1000 and a beautiful trophy plus a magnum of Champagne, take your life in your own hands Gemma this is Angies patch!  Angie won “Stars in Their Eyes” on TV with a great Sarah Brightman performance, each would be quick to add that the opposition only won due to the fact the other did not enter that particular competition, read this as you see it -


Both extremely talented, Gemma well known in Hertfordshire, Angie likewise in East Anglia, a bit of rivalry perhaps…….? Pistols at dawn, no way???? Could have been, but they have worked together for 12 years now on many many shows and performances all across the country, anyone who dares to hurt one will feel the wrath of the other.



By now you will realise that these two girls are best mates, standing strong in their own rights as solo performers but the bond they have built between them by helping one another means they are a force to be reckoned with when combined! Both with terrific voices and together they are just amazing, these girls can do anything together or as individuals from Operatic Arias to Classical Crossover, they can even turn their hand to Country Music!, If you've seen their singing waitresses set you'll know just how fun and exciting that is!

Any person with the courage to ask them when they are together who has the better voice….? Both will say the same words “She Does!” Diggers and Turnip they call each other as nick names, it was once mentioned wouldn’t it have been funny if each married the others brother, it would still be Diggers and Turnip just the names would have swapped girls.

Available to sing for any Event be it a Wedding, a Party or a Corporate Occasion inside or outside a guaranteed fantastic performance from Diggers and Turnip or is it Turnip and Diggers.




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