Looking good, Singing Waitresses and Incognito!

August 22, 2018

We all love to laugh, a sign we are happy and something everybody enjoys but unfortunately it’s something we never seem to do enough. Picture the scene; a wedding reception, dinner party, family or corporate event, the guests are milling about looking amazing in their best gear and wondering who they can or should chat to, or maybe who to avoid, the waitresses are buzzing around with the drinks and everyone is requested to be seated for the meal, then it all goes wrong!!!!! One of the waitresses has the job of offering the managements sincere apologies, there is an unavoidable delay with the meal. People are not pleased, one waitress has been given the job of trying to keep you all happy, basically to try and distract you from the problem for as long as is possible, for God’s sake this is her first day in this job, given a raw deal, the poor girl is in tears she does a little karaoke in her spare time has decided to sing for you.
The guests can feel her pain then it happens, shock and awe the music strikes and she bursts into the most fantastic operatic voice you could ever imagine and from every corner of the room the same is happening, the guests are blown away completely set up hook line and sinker and this is just the start of 40 minutes of brilliant entertainment compliments of Gemma and the singing waitresses! For more information visit www.gemmaturner.co.uk or drop Gemma an email at bookings@gemmaturner.co.uk




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