Singing for a Funeral Service, Hertfordshire.

September 7, 2018

Many emotions are expressed and felt when we attend a funeral, family and friends are brought together on this sad occasion. Sadness, memories, childhood thoughts, the good times spent together all go through our minds, each of us with our own special memories.
Most of these are good thoughts of the happy times we had together. The person whose funeral we are attending, would they have wanted us to be sad? Yes sad they are no longer with us, but very pleased you are here, but sad if you feel sad.

The first funeral I ever attended was my Grandads, a wonderful man, we miss him a lot but if a funeral can be referred to as happy occasion then my Grandads was amazing.
The church was packed with family and friends, he would have been so proud to see us all there.

He would have encouraged everyone to sing and if they had a terrible voice that’s fine, sing even louder. What actually made his funeral extra special to our family was this, Grandads favourite vocalist at the time whose voice he loved was Harry Secombe, as a family we tried very hard to book him to sing at Grandads funeral, not surprisingly he was not available, another singer was booked with similar vocals and it made a huge difference, leading the hymns this in turn encouraged people to sing, and to sing out loud, he also sang grandads favourite song at the end which was Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree. There were tears all around afterwards but not sad tears they were happy tears, Grandad had a great send off which he would have enjoyed, the fact his family and friends were actually smiling too would have made him happy, with so many comments afterwards from people afterwards. He encouraged me in my classical/operatic singing career in those early days, since then I have been booked to sing many times at funerals throughout the country, my thoughts never fail to go back to this day whenever I sing at a funeral, I hope in a small way I may have helped just a few of the people to feel the way I did on this day which was so very special to me.
Gemma Turner classical/crossover/operatic



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