What does a Father of the Bride do?

This is weird my daughter is getting married next year! That’s not the weird bit though, the weird bit is that she is looking for a soprano singer! But hold on, this is how she earns her living travelling all over the country singing at wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, now believe me when I say that weddings ain’t cheap!  My suggestion of heft your dress up a bit turn and face the wedding guests and give em a song no one will notice, seems to have gone down like a lead balloon and I have absolutely no idea why. This is where I quickly learned about what actual role does the father of the bride have at his daughters wedding.  You pay for it.  And that is simply as involved as you need to get! Of course the 2 main important roles on the day are walking your daughter down the aisle and giving her away trying with all your might not to step on her dress that has of course cost the earth, followed by an amusing speech much later on and the main objective of this speech is to of course tell as many embarrassing stories as possible!

It’s all about weddings at home! It seems it’s the only topic of conversation these days mainly what supplier is supplying what, hang on a minute let’s take a bit of control here, it’s me that seems to be picking up the tab for all of this and that’s not so funny.

Why not just carry on living together? All the benefits without any hassle, another of my more practical suggestions, shot down in flames! not by the wedding singer but by her Mother this time my wife. Why is it that they just seem to have no idea about ways to save money at a wedding but are really switched on in ways to spend it.

Also why are weddings so expensive, does a cake really cost this much, a bit of fruit, flower and icing sugar thrown together, and the dress! god help us this costs more than my whole wardrobe.
Well I suppose she is my daughter and a good one, a brilliant singer too, I know how much difference a singer makes at a wedding ceremony due to the fact I have to step in on occasions to be her roady, usually when the weather is bad and I am just the old guy that carries her gear.

Why do I end up with this job on the odd occasion, it’s because she might break her nails and I am Dad and as such we are on call regardless. Actually I am pretty happy about it all really, the arrangements are being made, I am kept out of the way simply because I am told that I have not a clue and no taste in these matters, but she has found a good bloke even if he does seem to consume vast amounts of my wine, then again he is taking on a pretty big responsibility isn’t he.

The venue they have chosen is Hatfield House in the Old Palace, again I suggested some thing maybe a little more chic perhaps, unfortunately the only response to this was and I quote! “ just get yer wallet out” , as if I was trying to save money?? I have to admit though it’s a cracking place for the Singing Waitresses set up she performs with her girls at events.  My nerves of steel have turned to jelly and it would take a braver man than I to even think of suggesting the singing waitresses, but if someone else did I reckon they would get a good deal as all the girls are there anyway!!!!!!!


From an exasperated but very proud Father of the Bride


For more details on having a Soprano singer for your wedding or a Surprise Singing Waitress act visit www.gemmaturner.co.uk



A much poorer Father of the bride.

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